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At Essa and Sons boat building is not a business but an instinctive way of life, it goes so far back that historical facts are blurred. From Haji Essa memory of the Kutch Chawla Rajput family of undivided India his great grandfather was a wooden boat builder. In his memory grandfather Ali Mohd used to travel(at that time ) to far off places Karachi, Rangoon, Kalikot to name a few.
Boats were built where required and the builder would travel to that area . Wonderful days of sail , teak as accepted material and builder an artist, designer, architect all in one. Essa remembers his father Mohd Abbas who followed his fathers profession. During the second world war, Ali(Uncle) built boats for United States and Royal Navies. He preferred working in Kalikot and Bombay where teak was cheaper Essa fondly remembers coming back from school, the 12 year old would help his father and paternal uncle building wooden 30ft sail for fishing and recreation at Mauripur yard After the death of his father he along with his uncle built the first engine powered 40’ keel wooden trawler. The next one came in 1970. As luck would have it an 88ft cargo launch for trading with middle East being built at Karachi Fish Harbour, by a contractor ran into difficulties and Haji Essa was asked to resolve the matter. This started a new era, Essa built cargo launches that fetch a premium in the market and sail up to Africa. Essa introduced steel stiffenings as the launches became bigger and traveled farther. Wooden vessels of 1200 tons built by him routinely ply high seas Essa though not a naval architect designs his own hull forms, makes lines plans, projects these as per International practice, makes scaled models, one wonders what he would achieve with a little moral support. His reputation spread far and wide, boat builders from UAE, Burma. Thailand Somalia have approached Haji Essa to come and work in their country. The simpleton prefers to stay in his own country and practice the family profession in the homely environment. In 2009 Haji Essa took another bold step, sold his wife’s jewelry and invested in designing and building the first ever Fiber Glass Fishing Trawler of Pakistan. It was to be 60ft craft incorporating all the features necessary for local operations. This placed a heavy demand on design as GRP does not lend itself well to many berthing and operational needs of Karachi Fish Harbor. The first boat proved so successful that the owner asked Essa to build these exclusively for him. Clientele is rapidly building in spite of current recession in the industry. Essa and Sons are now established and manufacturers fiber Glass Boat Builders of vessels from 9ft to 75ft in Fishing, Patrol, Leisure and Work boats. Now Essa boats manufacturers All type of boats in Pakistan and Karachi, There are plans to delve further into innovative fields, the 75ft fishing/cargo prototype is ready. Essa and Sons are registered as boat builders with Mercantile Marine Department Ministry of Ports and Shipping and are the only yard with environment control layup facility.